Traditionally-prepared foods don't have to be complicated. Rediscover the art of baking and cooking using organic and minimally-processed ingredients. 

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Leslie Osborne Bessie Bakes

Did you know that we eat 90% MORE GLUTEN than ancient cultures, even though bread was a staple for all of their meals?!

From farm-to-table so much has changed over the centuries in the way we farm and produce our food.

My Food Philosophy

  I believe it's possible to enjoy food that is utterly delicious and transformative to your mind, body, and spirit and that helps you maintain incredible health and wellness. 

And as a professionally-trained artisan baker, I'll help guide you through the tricky process of baking at home.

Learn to bake like a Rockstar

Take your baking game to the next level by enrolling in my French Croissant video course, or follow the recipe for an easy No-Knead Sourdough Honey Spelt Bread.

Learn to cook with Ease

Cooking whole foods recipes doesn't have to be complicated.  Turn simple ingredients into transformational food.

What Others Say


For many years I had the experience of so many different methods of preparation, always something was going wrong.  The joy of working and the end result, certainly worth the effort!

Sigalit Gerbi /  reader comment for authentic French croissants


My family took a trip to France in June and have been dreaming of those wonderful croissants since we got back. I decided to make your recipe yesterday.  It made my day when my teens eyes lit up when they bit into them saying they tasted just as good as the ones in France!

Avree/ reader comment


An answer to prayer! A Nutella I can consume, I’m diabetic! Thanks Leslie!  Just had to make it and it tastes Spectacular!

reader comment

Leslie about page photo

Leslie Osborne

I have been obsessed with cooking and baking so much so that I attended The French Pastry School in Chicago, IL in 2012.  I learned how food corporations have completely ruined bread over the last several decades.  I also know how important it is to eat a healthy whole foods diet with an emphasis on colorful produce.  Here I share lots recipes to nourish your mind, body, and spirit with love....and sometimes butter.

Tasty Food
Bessie Bakes

easy quinoa breakfast bowl recipe

Everything in a bowl tastes better, am I right?  Avocado, fried eggs, and a tomato salad bring new life to quinoa.

Crispy chicken and kale farro salad recipe

Crispy chicken thighs are affordable and so succulent.  A touch of balsamic vinegar adds a nice contrast to bring this dish together.

Blueberry Muffins with Coconut oil on a linen napkin

Luscious coconut oil and coconut sugar lends a richness and depth of flavor to blueberry muffins that are blissful. 

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