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I was recently given a copy of “Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet” and asked to review her book.  I was not paid for this post nor encouraged to give a good review.   My opinion of this book is genuinely my own!

bone broth in stockpot

Before I started Bessie Bakes, I never thought I’d be one of those bloggers who would write about weight loss plans.  In fact, I cringed at the thought of building a recipe site centered around low fat and low calorie food.  I’ve never been a fan of most weight loss fads because they often fail to address some key issues with the American diet….mainly the fact that our food industries have built their business model around making food that is faster, cheaper, nutritionally deficient, and loaded with artificial colors, chemicals, gmo’s, additives, and fillers that humans have absolutely no business consuming, all in an attempt to make as much money as possible.

So why am I ranting about our food industry in regards to a “weight loss” plan?  Well, I have found a plan that actually speaks to these issues, but also integrates an incredible tool that you might never have considered as a weight loss (and anti-aging!) weapon.  And that secret is…Bone Broth.

Kellyann Petrucci is a naturopathic physician who has written an intriguing book called Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet.  In this book she lays out her plan to help you lose up to 15 pounds and look younger in just 21 days.  This plan piqued my interest because she not only gives you a precise plan to help you shed pounds, but offers an incredible wellness plan that you incorporate into your routine for years to come, and that has the potential to create deep healing.

By consuming bone broth, Dr. Kellyann asserts that you can heal your joints, and your gut, while getting nutrients in your diet that are “Better than botox”.  Collagen-rich bones from meat, poultry, or fish are simmered on the stove for hours (or in a crock pot) and the broth turns into “Liquid Gold”.  The best part of this book is her good common sense maintenance plan to help you stay in shape forever.  She recommends an 80-20 plan for eating whole foods 80% of the time and indulging in some treats (if you wish) 20% of the week.

This is perfect for me because I will NOT give up sugar or grains forever.  I want the freedom to eat pizza and ice cream on occasion, but I know the bone broth along with a whole foods eating plan will help curb my cravings and keep me healthy for years to come. YES!

bone broth diet quote


Dr. Kellyann writes that bone broth is “packed with the building blocks of collagen” and is anti-inflammatory.  These statements struck me because I have been a licensed massage therapist for 14 years and have helped many people with joint pain, injuries, and inflammation.  When it comes down to it, inflammation is the reason most of us are not as well as we should be.  In most cases, it’s an underlying symptom of many diseases.  I also know that excess weight, even 5-10 pounds, can wreak havoc on our joints.  So the idea of getting more collagen in our diet and combining it with a strategic whole foods eating plan that can blast pounds off your waistline just makes good common sense from a health and wellness perspective.


Luckily, Dr. Kellyann makes it easy for you to follow this plan by giving you loads of flavorful recipes and a detailed meal plan so you are set up for success.  She also includes 4 base recipes for her nutritious bone broth, along with even more variations for maximum flavor.

chicken bone broth in bowl


I am currently drinking bone broth daily, but I’m not really following the plan like I should be.  Since the holidays, I knew it would be really hard (and almost impossible) for me to completely stay away from bread and sugar this time of year, so I decided to do the diet over a 60 day period to allow plenty of wiggle room for holiday treats.  The good news is, I have already dropped several pounds, and yet I am CHEATING a lot.  It’s not that I don’t love her plan, it’s just that time of year, ya know?

The great news is, because I was already a healthy eater and watched my sugar intake before drinking bone broth, I have been able to see if just the bone broth itself is healing my joints.

So am I noticing any difference?

A resounding YES!  Shortly after giving birth to my son, my knee popped out of its socket.  After it healed, it never really felt the same and always felt a little unstable since.  For the last two years, I have felt regular chronic pain in my knee.  Obviously being a massage therpist for the last 15 years has had an impact on my joints as well.  After about 45 days or so of drinking the broth daily, I woke up one day and realized, “Hey, I haven’t had that knee pain in a while, and my joints are feeling better in general.”  I have also noticed I’m waking up feeling more refreshed too!


The main reason I fell off the wagon (in early 2016) from drinking bone broth regularly is because it’s a bit of a pain to make.  To release the collagen and amino acids from the bones, your broth needs to simmer for at least 8-10 hours, and even better, 24 hours over slow heat.  Not to mention the fact that it’s hard to find the right bones, even from butchers.  Every once in a while is doable, but being able to drink it several times a week means you have to work pretty hard for it.

The solution:

Buy organic bone broth.  But not just any bone broth.  The bone broth in the cartons at the store doesn’t contain enough collagen in it.  Instead, check the freezer section of your health food grocery store.  Once I was able to buy collagen-rich broth, I drank it every day.  Still can’t find it?

Well, I bought some organic chicken and beef bone broth from Kettle & Fire to try it out, and I loved it!  So I reached out to them to see if I could get my readers a discount for their collagen-rich organic broth, and they so generously agreed!

Kettle and fire organic beef bone broth

kettle and fire chicken bone broth


(Chicken bone broth photo from Kettle & Fire)


Reasons I love this product:

  1. Both their chicken and beef bone broth is made from organically-raised chickens and cows.  They use only grass-fed organic bones from American farms and source organic vegetables.
  2. Kettle & Fire uses eco-friendly packaging and doesn’t ship with styrofoam.
  3. They package their broth in cartons, which is much cheaper to ship.  The broth is packaged in an aseptic environment in a vacuum, which means no germs or contaminates can get in.
  4. Their beef bone broth has a super clean flavor and can easily be enjoyed by itself, but it also wonderful when used as a soup base.
  5. If you order 6 or more cartons, you get FREE shipping, yeah!

Click the box to order Kettle & Fire chicken and beef bone broth.  

100% organic grass fed shelf stable bone broth

Full transparency:  It’s an affiliate link, but I only recommend it because I’m going to continue purchasing it myself.  Check out how lovely the beef bone broth is below…I slurped this bowl up!

Kettle and fire organic beef broth 1


Below are some of my own recipes that are approved for this plan.


Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Avocado, Lime, + Coconut Dipping Sauce

Warm Vegan Kale Salad with Roasted Red Pepper Dressing (This recipe is exceptionally delicious with grilled salmon!)

Pineapple Pulled Pork Carnitas Lettuce Wrap Tacos


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In December 2016 I purchased her new book Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Cookbook with over 125 recipes to enjoy while you are on the Bone Broth Diet AND for the rest of your life to help keep the weight off.

Obviously that “rest of your life” part is the biggest challenge, so if you just start reintroducing foods back into your diet without a plan, you are going to gain it all back.  That’s why this cookbook is so great because it is a perfect accompaniment to The Bone Broth Diet book.  In the Bone Broth Cookbook, she includes a 3 week meal plan with lots of tips for keeping the weight off.

I would HIGHLY recommend her new cookbook if you are serious about making lifelong changes after you finish the plan.  After all, what’s the point of doing a program if you can’t keep the weight off?

P.S.  I was not given a copy of the new book, nor was I asked to give a review.




I hope you come along with me and on this journey.  Let’s do this together!  Have you started drinking bone broth yet?  Comment below and tell me any changes you have experienced!

This post contains affiliate links for, which means I receive a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase the products through the links.  Help support Bessie Bakes!

Bon Appetit Ya’ll,

Leslie O.

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  1. monika says:

    I’d love to know if the bone broth diet has helped you actually lose weight?
    Any other changes? Improvements? What’s the update? Thank you 🙂

    • Excellent question Monica! I have been meaning to post an update on my bone broth diet experience and haven’t as of yet because I just found a really awesome source for collagen protein powder and intend on posting about it. I actually did well on the diet for a month, then life caught up and I wasn’t drinking the broth consistently once it got warmer outside. I have waited to post results because I wasn’t following the plan exactly and my main goal wasn’t weight loss. I was more interested in the healing benefits of it for digestion, and joint health. I followed the plan for about 3 weeks, but with a lot of tweaking and lost 7 seven pounds. I would have easily lost more if I followed it it exactly, so the plan definitely works. I’ll be posting soon about how it has improved my health!

  2. I checked out Kellyanne on PBS. She is a persuasive presentator. However, she comes a bit late to the bone broth trend. People in SA say that ‘bone broth will restore life to the dead.” In this country, there are a lot of people getting on the bandwagon of diet and especially bone broth. What she says about clients losing weight is basically a paleo diet routine. Bone broth is great!~ but! You have to drink it daily and for about a year and continue to utilize it creatively. I drink cups of it daily, even in hot weather, and use it as bases for all cooking. Even my cats and dogs get their daily dose. What bothers me about this person is that she has stated that she has stopped making bone broth at home (time issues I would guess) and she now sells online bone broth powder. This is a massive copout to me because bone brother is the easiest thing to make. Just use a crock pot and there you go. And you know what’s in it because you do all the ingredients yourself. Also, be careful of her website list; seems that her friends who are pedaling something….well, you get on their lists, too. I find this behavior annoying, and actually….intrusive.

    • You are totally correct. Bone broth is by no means a new magical potion that has recently been discovered. I think it’s just now coming into the spotlight because people have caught on to the great possibility of its healing benefits. That’s usually how it works. Cultures eat a certain way for centuries, making things from scratch, which is always the best way. Down the road, researchers find benefits that were either unknown or that hadn’t been “verified” by modern science. All along, the elders had it right (for the most part). Actually, I just found a source from another site for collagen powder from grass-fed cows. I have been adding it to my smoothies a couple of times per week, which isn’t enough, but it’s a start. I do find it hard to sip bone broth in the summer. It was so easy and satisfying when it was cold outside, but when it’s 90 and humid…not so much. However, I like the idea of doing both. Making the broth for soups, stews, and sauces, and the collagen powder as an add-on to water or smoothies.

  3. Yep…..bone broth is hard to take when it’s hot and humid outside. I have 4 dogs, 8 cats and feed 8 more strays up the street. I stopped for about a week recently, and then realized that I had nothing really good to put on their kibble. I felt I was robbing them. LOL~! So, the crock pot is back on (9th month) and I feel better about the animals.

    Me, too. I wake up around 2am and have a cup from the crock pot. It’s full of fat, but it tastes so good. I helps me get back to sleep. Though I have to pee somewhere in there.

    Our grandmothers, if not our mothers, had a pot brewing at simmer on the back of the stoves. I remember my Hungarian grandmother with that pot, filling her apartment with alluring smells. She also made her own yogurt….big glass bottles, over the floor heating grate, with a stopper of lemon that we were allowed to squeeze into the milk.

    Too many people ‘discover’ these wonderful and nutritious things, like you were saying….they discover them on the internet. And they have to have ‘authorities’ to ok them. LOL! Bone broth is wonderful, and at 68 I am finally feeling the effects on my joints. My skin looks good, too. But that powdered collagen sounds interesting!

  4. Barbara Crow says:

    Just wondering where you folks find the “right bones:” I have managed to round up some marrow bones, but both butchers I spoke with could not get bones with cartilage. I am about to call a third butcher today. I do not want to do this and then find out 3 weeks down the road that the bones I ran around trying to find were not sufficient to give me the best results. I live in a small town and was never much of a meat eater, so do not have a butcher best friend! I really want to get started on this but I am still looking for the good bones. Any suggestions? I noticed that the bone broth on line is quite expensive and beyond what I would be willing to pay, or able to pay.

    • Here is what I do. Finding things like chicken feet and pig’s feet is impossible so I just used 8 bone-in skin-on chicken thighs plus a whole chicken per large pot of broth. When it’s chilled in the fridge, it’s a gelatinous texture, so that’s what you want. It’s as close as I can get at home, plus it doesn’t cost a lot of money and I have several meals worth of already cooked chicken that’s prepared. I do this about once or twice a month. Also I found some grass-fed collagen powder on Dr. Axe’s site that is flavorless and can be added to water or smoothies, which is perfect for the summertime!! It only cost $40 for a month’s supply so that’s not bad. I would recommend doing both so you don’t have drink broth everyday! Hope this helps:)

  5. Val says:

    How much broth can I have in a day , I plan to try consuming only bone broth for 2 days then a lean protein meals for the 5 days
    So other than the bone broth can I have water etc?
    I cannot find a plan anywhere

    • Hello Val, the plan is in Dr. Kellyann’s book. I don’t want to share all of the details of her plan away out of respect for her and her book. The plan is pretty specific on what type of foods are great to eat along with protein and she includes a “snack” you can eat on broth fasting days. You definitely want to drink plenty of water on your fasting days. Best of luck to you and I would love to hear about your results along the way!

  6. Kendra says:

    This is s great post but you left out the mini fasts 2x a week she recommends . I think that’s a key part of her program and being on day 19 of 21, I’ve lost 2 1/2″ from my pooch belly and 2 from my waist and my pants fit better. I’m fit to begin with but after kids… I drink as much broth as I want during my fast days and some coffee and water. They really aren’t bad and THAT seems to be what makes the stubborn weight leave. Just surprised you didn’t make mention of the broth fasts even though you weren’t focused on the weight loss. As a tip I also eat Wicked Teva chocolate during the diet, 95% caco, almost no sugar, so technically I’m cheating.

    • Hi Kendra. That’s fantastic news about your weight loss, thank you for sharing your results thus far!! Actually, I intentionally didn’t write about the broth fasting days out of respect for Dr. Kellyann’s book. I have lots of readers emailing me asking about all of the details of the plan, and I just tell them that it’s in the book. Really, it comes down to people hoping they can just figure out what’s in the book without having to buy it. I also didn’t want to scare away readers from the plan by mentioning the fasting days because most associate it with starving yourself. I’d rather readers get the book and let Dr. Kellyann explain the process as not to dilute her information.

      You are absolutely correct, the bone broth fasting days are really the key to either resetting your weight after cheating, or getting over the hump and shedding the pounds. The great news is, I generally do half days of broth fasting and I love it. I have still noticed a great shift in how my joints feel and my energy level as well, even though I haven’t been sticking to the diet.

      I love your tip about the Teva chocolate. I had to do the same thing the first two weeks of the diet. I found some dark chocolate sweetened with Xylitol that helped curb my chocolate cravings. Thanks for sharing your experience and keep it up!!

  7. Barbara says:

    I understand and agree with your desire to protect Dr. Kellyann’s copyrights but I still have a question I hope you can answer. On Dr. Kellyann’s site there are a lot of other supplements available besides the powdered bone broth. Are the supplement benefits also discussed in her book? I just get confused when there are so many choices. Thank you. I am looking forward to the day when I can try your wheat recipes as well.

    • Hello Barbara. Yes the topic of supplements is a whole other discussion and can be so overwhelming! The book doesn’t discuss supplementation much, but the great news is that bone broth itself is like a SUPER supplement that is easily digestible! Because it’s healing to your digestive tract and intestinal lining, it allows your body to absorb nutrients better and it contains amino acids, enzymes, and joint-healing nutrition, which is basically like a small cabinet’s worth of supplements in one. Just remember, don’t let information overload give you decision-making paralysis.

      Changing your diet and doing a plan like this can seem overwhelming as it is. In order for these changes to stick, sometimes you need to just put one foot in front of the other and do the best you can with what you have. My advice would be to buy some organic bone broth in the freezer section of a health food store if you can find it (not the cartons in the broth aisle) or buy some from Kettle and Fire and start drinking it daily while you are reading through the book. You will already be getting tons of benefits from the broth alone. Once you are ready to go full force into the eating plan, then you can plan your meals each week and start. This might feel less overwhelming and will keep you from procrastinating. Too much information will often lead to NO decision at all. So if the supplement information is too much, then revisit it later and integrate them when you are in a good groove.

      Best of luck and let us know about your experience!

      • J.d says:

        Thank you for this great information,I have just finished a 10day master cleanse fast,how can I incorporate the bone broth into my better way of eating.I am 71years old,want a better agent way of life.

        • That’s wonderful that you got through a 10 day cleanse, WOW! And yes the bone broth is an awesome way to continue the healing process. No matter what your age is, your body has the ability to heal itself and help you live a fulfilling life. Best wishes to you!

  8. Rebecca Stephens says:

    Green grocery bone broth Dallas the best and try elderberry syrup geat💞😍💞😍

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