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I believe it's possible to eat food that is utterly delicious and transfomative to your mind, body, and spirit.

This statement doesn't usually apply to bread and baked goods...and for good reason.

What most people think of as "healthy bread", is really quite toxic.  

On the other end of the spectrum, many believe that any foods that contain "gluten" should be shot into outer space never to return again.

The truth is, from the modern-day production of bread, to the changes in the seeds, and everything in between, there are so many things that have gone horribly wrong with bread.

But what if there was a middle way?

The mission here at Bessie Bakes is to challenge the notion that "all bread is evil" by educating you on where it went wrong in the first place, and how you can take your power back and make it yourself.

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The case for and against gluten

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Now it's time to become the next Julia Child of bread and pastries!

Sourdough starter in a crock
Sourdough spelt biscuits baked up close
Sourdough honey spelt bread cut in half

As a profesionally-trained artisan baker, I am here to give you the tools to become a rockstar baker!

Bon Appétit Ya'll,

Leslie O.​